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October 21st, 2008

12:33 pm
Rome cracks me up! This morning, I posted the You Tube link to the Super Bowl Shuffle video in honor of Mike Singletary being promoted to the head coach job for the 49ers. So I turn on the Jungle and Romey's playing bits from that song and calling him "Samurai Mike" and talking about the Coke bottle glasses that Singletary wore in the video.
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October 4th, 2008

02:09 am - Oje couldn't get over this time
OJ Simpson is guilty of armed robbery and attempted kidnapping. The sentencing will occur Dec. 5. He could be in the hole from 5 years to life.

OJ Found Guilty

Monday's show will be good!

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September 13th, 2007

11:43 pm - The Drunk Bus

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June 8th, 2007

10:16 pm
Travis Rodgers hoists the Stanley Cup

I don't know what's funnier... the fact that T-Rodge got to get pictures of himself taken holding the Cup over his head, or that so many Canadians called into the show and complained about this "arrogant American" (as one caller from Saskatchewan referred to him) "disrespecting" Lord Stanley's Cup.

And not even Don Cherry could get them all to shut up! Too funny.

Here's just a bit of trivia about the history of the Dominion of Canada Challenge Cup, and exactly where it's been:

  • The original Cup was once drop-kicked into Ottawa's Rideau Canal.  Fortunately, the canal was still frozen over, allowing the Cup to be recovered the next day.
  • The Cup was once left behind in a photographer's studio; his mother proceeded to use it as a planter.
  • The Cup was once left on a roadside, where members of the 1924 Canadiens had to fix a flat tire; they came back later and found the Cup exactly where they left it
  • In 1925, the sons of Victoria Cougars coach/GM Lester Patrick, Lynn and Muzz, found the Cup in their basement, and scratched their names on the inside of the bowl.
  • In 1940, the New York Rangers went to town with it; Lynn and Muzz, who would now get their names inscribed legitimately as members of the Cup-winning Rangers, were among the players who actually urinated into the bowl.  Real classy, boys.  Later, the Rangers burned the paid-off mortgage to Madison Square Garden inside the bowl,
  • As the Canadiens were about to lose to the Blackhawks in the 1961 semifinals, a rabid fan stole the Cup from its glass display at the Forum, later citing that he was just trying to keep it in Montreal where it belongs.  (It had been there for five straight years...)
  • The 1962 Maple Leafs damaged the Cup when they dropped it into a bonfire during a celebratory party.  The team had to pay for the extensive repairs; the collar portion of the Cup (the tiers between the bowl and the shoulder of the barrel) was retired to the Hockey Hall of Fame a year later.
  • In 1964, Leafs forward Red Kelly's infant son was placed in the bowl of the Cup for a picture, only for Kelly to find that his son had joined the Patrick boys in infamy.  Thankfully, the original bowl was retired to the Hall in 1969.
  • Mark Messier took the Cup to his favorite strip club in 1987, and had to take it in to an auto body shop to get the dings incurred that evening knocked out of it.
  • The Cup has been to the bottom of Mario Lemieux's and Patrick Roy's pools, in 1991 and 1993 respectively.
  • 1994 Kentucky Derby winner Go For Gin ate oats from the Cup at Belmont Park, courtesy of the Rangers.
  • One more reason to hate Claude Lemieux: if not for him bringing the Cup onto the Howard Stern show in 1995, Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling would not have had the chance to shit in it.
  • And, just this year, the Cup was cross-promoted with Heroes, with two stars clowning around with it, and also made an appearance on Boston Legal, where Denny Crane attempted to engrave his own name into it alongside the 1970 Bruins. At the end of the episode, the Cup is seen falling off of Denny's balcony to the street below; one can only assume that, since this is television, the Cup did not actually make that fall.  (Of course, William Shatner is actually from Montreal...)
So, yeah... considering some radio jackass has taken a dump in the thing, Travis is practically reverent in his treatment of the Cup.

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May 4th, 2007

10:40 am - three-peat!
The Cablinasian just did it again.

This thing is over!! One for the thumb!!!

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12:25 pm - What the?
Is it just me or is the Smack Off sucking today?  And is Lear in Annapolis on speed?

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January 22nd, 2007

04:59 pm - Michael Vick. REALLY?!
One of the funniest things I'VE seen in a while, AND its from SNL.

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October 29th, 2006

04:08 pm - Red Auerbach 1917-2006
Im all about Laker purple and gold but even I have to admit,its the end of an era.

Dont know if any of you have seen this(Im betting you have)but Im posting it anyways.

RIP Red.

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August 11th, 2006

10:17 am
Am I the only one who thinks Lodge is holding the show hostage until a caller agrees with him?

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July 9th, 2006

01:58 pm
Way to go Italy!

Orange slices for everybody!

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