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The XR4Ti Crew Jim Rome Community

The House of the LiveJournal Clones

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The Jim Rome Show
Welcome to The XR4Ti Crew, clones! This is the community for all of the fans of Van Smack (Jim Rome, for those plebians out there) & Co. I'm mmc327, the moderator of the LJ Jungle, but you may call me Laura from the 860. Enjoy this community and remember these three things...

1. Have a take and don't suck.
2. I may not have a hammer like Romey does, but I will drop it for much the same reasons Romey and his Crew do everyday; racist, biggoted, idiotic comments will not be tolerated; ie, Willie from KC is not your role model.
3. Romey gets a Merkur, we all get Merkurs!

I'm out.

For more information about the Jim Rome Show, check out the Wikpedia webpage:

For classic soundbites from the Jim Rome show, check out this link on birddogindustries.com:
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